In the Name of... 


In The Name Of... signals the return of Mr Oh in his 17th release. And this one is dedicated to the fathers!

Looking at the role of a father as well as the human underneath the title, Mr Oh has written an interesting, creative, interwoven story that visits the topics of parenting, love, relationships, fear, respect, mental health, justice and so much more.

Stepping into a new realm of his creativity, Mr Oh is bringing a vivid story with honest eyes, guaranteed to keep you reading to its shocking conclusion.

During a week-long event called Father's Foot Forward, three different black men are about to go through the most difficult seven days of their lives!

Deon is a single father to his daughter Yacine and is preparing for her upcoming 1st birthday.

Marvin is a married, stay-at-home father of twin boys Clifford and Kendrick. 

Joel is single and currently dating a single mother of three.

Each man is about to encounter demons from their pasts, dangers in their homes and negative forces that will stop at nothing to end their happiness and, in some cases, their lives.


With each man going through a life-changing experience, who will stand up and be heard, who will speak out for themselves and who will be alive to tell the truth?

In The Name Of...
Available February 2022