L & I


By Mr Oh

When Liya commits the ultimate sin during an intimate moment with her boyfriend Idris, she thought she could apologise and that would be the end of it.
But what actually happens takes them both on a journey through their lives as a couple, as people and as lovers.
Will they make it? Who is Miss Thickness? Who'll jump to the first conclusion, Idris or Liya?

L&I is a short story only available on e-book that takes off from the beginning, only adding value to its author and features one of the most intriguingly secretive groups of women in an erotica tale.

The Train

Jai and Joseph are professional criminals and good at what they do.


After a particularly difficult job and ready to relax, Jai asks a random question which forcies Joseph to confront an elephant in their relationship.

This conversation invites unresolved feelings that not only threatens the couple's relationship but jeopardizes their very lives.

The Train will definitely put a smile on your face. 

7 Floors

What happens behind closed doors doesn't always stay behind closed doors.
7 Floors takes you into the lives of 17 different people during one wild, unforgettable night in London Town.
Couples, singles and complete strangers explore the mudane to the down right unbelievable aspects of sex. And when one of the occupants gets involved with a shoe thief called Tatiana Blue, it sets off a chain of events leading from the penthouse to the ground floor.

7 Floors is an e-book collection of enthralling short stories, with each story linking to the last, giving the reader a treat they won't forget.

little black book volume 1

This enticing collection of short stories delve into the sex lives of 20 Londoners from different walks of life travelling from north to south, east to west London.

Featuring stories such as Holiday Inn-side, Marcus and the Birthday, Dirty Little Secret, Aural Sex and I Hate You, the Little Black Book volume 1 is the foreplay of the series and will open your eyes, mind and thighs…

Little Black Book Volume 2

With more stories, more poems and more of the characters you know and love, Little Black Book volume 2 is another in-depth journey into the sex lives of Londoners when the sun goes down and the adults come out.


Featuring stories such as Ladies Nite, Do Me Right, Little Black Book volume 2 is the book you won't want to lend out or put down!

Little Black Book Volume 3

Featuring 39 of the hottest short stories of intimacy in London, Little Black Book Volume 3 includes stories like 69 Challenges, Night Shift, Mystery of Jill, Banana & Apple Pie, Open Up, Water, Keeping It Cool& Christian and another venture into the interesting life of Marcus.

As well as the introduction of The C.L.I.T.S - Clever Ladies Investigating Terrible Situations, Little Black Book volume 3 is an amazing and adventurous attempt at truly opening your eyes, minds and thighs for the last time.

The Tall tales of tatiana Blue

Tatiana Blue was a regular everyday woman enjoying a lifelong addiction to shoes and a job that enabled her desire for heels, heels, heels.

But when a gross misunderstanding results in a devastating tragedy, Tatiana makes a drastic decision that changes her world and transforms her into an internationally known, sought after criminal thief who steals from celebrities.

Travelling the world and avoiding the law at all costs, Tatiana Blue is on a mission to steal shoes from the most affluent but the authorities, in the shape of police officer Russell Reed, are never far away and will not stop until she has been arrested.

Detailing her taser-wielding antics across the world, The Tall Tales of Tatiana Blue is an expansive, exciting adventure that shows just how far a woman can go for the love of shoes.

Beware of the d (THe Letter Series)

This is Simone's story.

Simone is doing well in life.

Simone is career-driven and very successful.

Simone is single and fine about it.

Simone meets a man named Andre who has an addictive quality about him.

Simone now had a BIG problem!


The Power Of U (THe letter series)

This is Donovan's story.

Donovan is a married man who has cheated one time too many.

Donovan's wife Brina has had enough and kicked him out.

Donovan is staying with his friend, Andre, while he tries to fix his marriage. Andre has his own long-term feelings for Brina he is no longer willing to ignore.

Who is watching all of this from a distance?


X&Y (The letter series)

Russia and Katrina are good friends with a secret that they don't want their friends to know. Following a night of alcohol and a dangerous game, the ladies embark on a clandestine rendezvous that could have life-changing consequences not only for them but their friends Brina and Simone McKenzie.

With Simone travelling the world with her award-winning documentary and Brina starting her own business, everyone's collective secrets start to unravel for all to see.

And EVERYTHING is going to change!

The League of Melanin Gentlemen


Valerie McKenzie is a black millionaire property developer and interior designer who recently purchased the Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel, East London.

Que, a school teacher with an inquisitive mind, is one of Valerie's lovers.
Reece, an unemployed father who isn't doing the best he can, is also one of Valerie's lovers.

Following a steamy encounter featuring all three, the men are invited to join a sexy, clandestine hotel adventure called The League Of Melanin Gentlemen where the ability to please, arouse and perform can change their lives forever. As Que becomes curious and Reece is ready for a change in his circumstances, the two men find themselves battling with Valerie's 18 other lovers for multi-million pound prizes that will set them up for life. But with sexy decisions down every corridor and secrets in every room, who will have the skills to win The League Of Melanin Gentlemen?


Reign of the c.l.i.t.s

The C.L.I.T.S (Clever Ladies Investigating Terrible Situations) are an all-female "support group" who operate in secret.

Their mission: kidnapping and torturing misbehaving men to order. Marcus is a handsome, single man who is living his best life as part of a TV installation team.


After a drunken, fun-filled Friday night, Marcus is made 'famous' when he is secretly recorded and becomes a viral star overnight. Enjoying his new found notoriety, Marcus learns that he has also attracted the attention of people who want to see him fall. And they won't stop until he does.


With the C.L.I.T.S also tracking him, it becomes a dangerous, life-threatening race against the clock to see who will find him first. And what will be done to him when they do?


in the name of...

During a week-long event called Father's Foot Forward, three different black men are about to go through the most difficult seven days of their lives!

Single father Deon, married father of two Marvin and single, but dating Joel, face demons from their past, dangers in their homes and negative forces that will stop at nothing to end their happiness, and in some cases, their lives.

With each man going through a life-changing experience, who will stand up, who will speak up and who will be alive to talk about it?

In The Name Of... explores themes of parenting, relationships, mental health, love and is an ode to good fathers everywhere.